Brrrrrrrrr! Ice Climbing is a cold pastime and you're going to need some excellent climbing clothing to help you along the way.

This section will help you tell the difference between your soft and hard shell layers and whether you should go for real or artificial down in your jacket.

From gloves to socks we have everything related Ice Climb Clothing covered (pun is intended)

Ice Climbing Clothing picture

Let us know about your own clothing reviews and about your own experiences Ice Climbing and we can post them into this section. Ice Climbing requires adaptable clothing due to the harsh environment we put ourselves into, and this can mean expensive clothes.


Our articles will help you make informed decisions about what to when and when so it doesn't work out to be so expensive.

Ice Climbing Kenton Cool Everest Sumit picture

Sherpa Softshell Jacket Review - by Kenton Cool


There's no one cooler than Kenton, Ten times to the top of the world is no small achievement. Kenton has a long standing relationship with he Sherpa people of nepal and in the video below he talks about the new Sherpa clothing brand and how he used the new Sherpa softshell [more]

Ice Climbing Gloves Artcile Picture

Ice Climbing - Clothing Choices - Gloves


When climbing in a winter environment, keeping you fingers and hands safe, dry and warm is hugely important. Getting the right gloves for your climb however can provide a few tricky choices and is usually one of the most difficult things to get right when starting out. Normally commons sense would [more]

Ice Climbing Arcteryx Logo

Arcteryx Outdoor Clothing


Arcteryx is an outdoor clothing company that was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1989. Arcteryx was named after the earliest known bird, which is the Archaeopteryx .À Their official logo is also the figure of the Archaeopteryx. Arcteryx products are usually for outdoor activities... [more]

Ice Climbing Clothing Picture

Choosing The Right Outdoor Clothing


Anyone who spends time in the outdoors understands the importance of having the right clothes for the job. It's not much fun getting caught in a hailstorm wearing only a pair of shorts, and you certainly won't want to be caught out with a heavy jumper if the sun comes out during a hike... [more]

Ice Climbing Ice Climber on winter route

Look to fair-trade clothing when choosing outdoor clothing


In the UK as well as all over the world having an active lifestyle is important to us and we all want to keep fit. Whether it's going to the gym or running on the streets there are so many ways that you can stay active. People know are not following the norm of... [more]

Ice Climbing Climbing Gear

Rock Climbing, The Importance Of The Right Clothing And Gear


Climbing and mountaineering are popular outdoor adventure sports that are, quite obviously, accompanied by a significant element of danger. Indeed, it is important that climbers and mountain walkers recognise the hazards that are associated with their recreational pursuits [more]

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Ice Climbing How To Book Image

Ice and Mixed Climbing

The quintesential Guide to all things Ice and Mixed Climbing. If you only get one book on Ice Climbing, make it this one...

Ice Climbing Winter Skills book image

Winter Climbing Skills

This is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. We highly recomend this book...

Ice Climbing Lake District winter Climbs book image

Lake District Winter Climbs

This winter climbing guide in the Lake District is a joint production by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and Cicerone Press. A must have...