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This site features articles on all forms of ice climbing, rock climbing and mountaineering and is a portal for reviews and opinions from experienced climbers and novices.

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If there is a topic you want to be covered or have a specific questions about gear or technique, please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Climbing, and Ice Climbing in particular is a great adventure sport and hobby that is more accessible than you might think at first. Through the use of articles and reviews and links to some cool sites I hope to share my passion for this sport with you and to help you along the way to becoming a great Ice Climber yourself. life is way more fun outdoors so get out there an explore!

Ice Climbing How To Book Image

Ice and Mixed Climbing

The quintesential Guide to all things Ice and Mixed Climbing. If you only get one book on Ice Climbing, make it this one...

Ice Climbing Winter Skills book image

Winter Climbing Skills

This is a reference manual for mountaineers and those who wish to instruct, coach and lead others. We highly recomend this book...

Ice Climbing Lake District winter Climbs book image

Lake District Winter Climbs

This winter climbing guide in the Lake District is a joint production by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and Cicerone Press. A must have...